Forum: µC & Digital Electronics Problem bootstrapping COldfire 5206e in BDM

von Ale (Guest)

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I developed a BDM interface and a board based on the 5206e: 

I am trying to bootstrap the board using BDM. Initialization of 
MBAR/CACR and internal SRAM works well, I can read/write the internal 
When I try to initialize CS0 so I can access the FLASH, reading the 
FLASH hangs (the read operation never completes and CSO is never 
I tried Motorola's examples, the CFInit utility also without luck.
Just an example (taken from the CFInit utility) :

MBAR = 00000001
CACR = 01000000
ACR0 = 0
ACR1 = 0
CSAR0 = 0008
CSCR0 = 095F
CSMR0 = 00070000
DMCR = 0100
MBAR: 00000001
> WC CACR 01000000
CACR: 00000000
> WC ACR0 0
ACR0: 00000000
> WC ACR1 0
ACR1: 00000000
> WW 64 8
> WW 6E 95F
> WL 68 70000
> WW C6 0100
> RL 68
00000068: 00070000
> RB 80000
00080000: 00
> RL 68
00000068: 00000000

The last read to 0x68 shows that the BDM does not answer anymore... 
meaning that the read to memory did not complete (it returns 0s).

Any idea what can be wrong ?.

(The read to CACR should return 01000000 I know, I just do not know why 
it does not...).



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