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von Kai Ulrich (Guest)

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I try tu run my assampler development with a myAVR Board MK2 USB and 
KontrollerLab on Linux ubuntu 10.10.

I can compile and burn my program successfully by following command line 
avr-gcc -c -x assembler-with-cpp -mmcu=atmega8 test.s -o test.o
avr-ld test.o -o test.elf
avr-objcopy -O ihex test.elf test.hex
avrdude -p m8 -c avr911 -P /dev/ttyUSB0 -U flash:w:test.hex:i

I did not manage to configure KontrollerLab right now.
Does anyone have an idea how I have to configure KontrollerLab right?


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von hacker-tobi (Guest)

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you've to create a makefile and use this makefile instead of 
Kontrollerlabs internal build system.



von Kai U. (kulrich)

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Hi, thanx for your answer,

I can't find this feature (Project -> Configure project -> Common, and 
uncheck the "built-in build system" box. ) Kontrollerlab 0.7.1.
It in version 0.8.0-alpha1?


von sivasankar s. (Company: KP Technologies) (sivasankar)

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Good evening every body,

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von Yalu X. (yalu) (Moderator)

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@sivasankar sekar:

Your post doesn't fit into this thread and this sub-forum at all. Please
post yor question again in another sub-forum (maybe Off Topic) or, even
better, in a Java developer's forum.

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