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von Thulasi R. (thulasi_r)

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Dear Sir,

We want to use gcc to cross compile 'Source code' to a target board(with 
freescale's PowerPC-MPC8260).
The Source code will bring up the target(using assembly language), and 
run the code written in 'C' to test the board functionality. No 
OS(embedded OS) is involded in this source code.

We want to use gcc to cross compile this code to PowerPC - MPC8260.

If we want to use gcc c cross compiler for MPC8260, what is procedure to 
be followed in windows(as we are new to linux OS) ?

Please help me in using gcc as a cross compiler for PowerPC in windows 
OS(may be using cygwin).
Any references to documents/application notes/links would be 

Thank you.

Thulasi Ramu J

von Martin T. (mthomas) (Moderator)

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Please see the source-files of Yagarto and DevkitPro/DevkitARM available 
from sf.net. Scripts to build a cross-toolchain for MS-Windows hosts in 
MS-Windows are given there. Of cause the target-parameter needs to be 
changed for a PPC target.

Another option is to build for a cygwin-environment (which also runs in 
MS Windows). But the resulting binaries will depend on cygwin-DLLs. With 
cygwin the usual descriptions to build a cross-toolchain with Linux 
should be valid (for example Dan Kegel's crosstool).

The third option is to use a Unix/Linux system to build the cross 
toolchain for MS-Windows hosts and PPC targets 
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross_compiler#Canadian_Cross). Basic 
method can been seen in the build scripts in the source archive of 
Codesourcery's G++ (at least in older packages, I did not check the 
latest ones)

Edit: ready-made:

von mikrobreak (Guest)

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Cross compiler binary builds are rare but I found one at 
http://www.gnupit.org/gnu-binaries/gcc-binaries.html .
There is Windows toolchain for PowerPC and more.


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