Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools Yagarto/LPC2388

von Bruce G. (Company: Wadia) (papabravo)

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Has anybody done a project template with a hardware header, makefile, 
and linker script for an LPC2388 using Yagarto?  If not I'll try making 
one from scratch and post it when I get it working.

von Martin T. (mthomas) (Moderator)

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I suggest that you do not start from scratch but use an 
example-application for a similar device as template. Free header-files 
with register-defintions for the target should be available from 
If you are done it might be good to create a small page in the Wikki of 
this site (menu at the left -> "Articles"). The acticle-collection/Wikki 
is a better place for "persistent" information than a message in this 

von Bruce G. (Company: Wadia) (papabravo)

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Several versions of a suitable header file can be found by googling 
"LPC23xx.h".  The next problem is the the startup code and linker 
control files.  I was hoping to avoid doing those by modifying a similar 
project if one had already been done and published.

von Christian H. (blueicehaller)

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I want the same thing. The µC is LPC2388, too.

Until now I used ULINK2 and uVision3.
I have existing c projects with startup.s
which now should run under Eclipse with Yagarto.

For testing I will use ULINK2.

One Source for Info http://www.yagarto.de/howto/yagarto2/index.html

Is it possible realize this plan?


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