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von Kamal A. (ellgafsi)

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I am studying the book Programming 32-bit Microcontrollers  in 
C:Exploring the PIC32 by Lucio Di Jasio and I am having a problem 
simulating the FFT Program in chapter 7 Running page 152-167.

The Problem is that I become different result.
After setting the Breakpoint on the line containing the while(1) loop 
and pressing Run, a become different Result for t and f  variables.
On other hand the result of the simulation of Mr. Di Jasio (Figure 7.7) 
t = 6142543
f = 0.170626194444444

I am using a  PIC32 Ethernet Starter kit with a PIC32MX795512L 
µcontroller. Is that good enough for the Simulation???

On page Page 159 Mr. Di Jasio  mention about combining Timer 4 and Timer 
5 to capture the required Time, but he has not mention where we put the 
Code Snippet. I put it on the run.c (main) but I am not sure about the 
correctness of the order of my Implementation.

I read the Updates Section on the PIC32 Website and I tried to adjust my 
Code (Configuration Bits Setting on the #Pragmas)
to the Hardware Specification but it does not work.
I changed the Configuration Bits Settings as the Author suggest in the 
Book but also that to does no Effect. So a Reset them to the Default.

I've also attached the full Project zipped and 2 Screenshot of my 
Configuration Bits Settings and watch window.

von Kamal A. (ellgafsi)

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Antworten auf Deutsch sind auch herzlich willkommen :-)

Danke für eure Unterstützung!


von oways (Guest)

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i have problems in the code as you..
so if you solve yours pls inform me how.


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