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von Praneeth P. (praneeth87)

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hi............im working on a project which deals with vlsi as well as 
image processing.....for this i need to store a 256X256(gray scale ) 
image and access its each and every pixel and perform an operation on 
that pixel, if the pixel is found as noisy pixel then after performing 
and removing of noise i need to feed back the new pixel value into the 
same position of the pixel......how to implement this in 
verilog...please give me some ideas..........

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von Mirco (Guest)

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Typically, you will only store the lines of an image which need to be 
concurrently processed. For apps like Bayer, you will need at least 5 
delay buffers to hold enough data.

Unlike with line processing, you will need to store a full image into 
rams / brams in order to be able to do things like multipass processing 
and such.

with larger images and small fpgas, a ram controller will be required.

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