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von Jean-pierre K. (jean)

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I am from Belgium, i am a newbie in AVR en C.

I have 2 questions

Whats the difference between #include "font.h" and #include <font.h> ?

The second question is a bit complicated.

How do i display a varible on my grafik display (ST7565R)
The funtions:    lcd_print2_P(60,28, "Text 1", 
&Microsoft_Sans_Serif__13,0); works but only with strings.

Can someone help me.

int main(void)
  PortLcdCtrl|=0b00100000;  // Licht an
  lcd_print2_P(60,3, "G", &Microsoft_Sans_Serif__13,0);
  lcd_print2_P(60,28, "Text 1", &Microsoft_Sans_Serif__13,0);
  lcd_print2_P(60,48, "Text 2", &Times_New_Roman__8,0);
  //lcd_print2_P(140,28, "Text 3", &Microsoft_Sans_Serif__13,0);
  //lcd_print2_P(140,48, "Text 4", &Microsoft_Sans_Serif__13,0);
  char     texte[10];
  double     komma;
  komma= komma+1;
  dtostrf (komma, 10, 1, texte);

  lcd_print2_P(40,10,texte, &Times_New_Roman__8,0);//I want to print the 
variable texte on my display, how?
  {  ;


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von JD (Guest)

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"font.h" searches for the file in the current directory, <font.h> 
searches all defined include directories, I think.

If you want to print a variable/number via that function you have to 
convert it to a string first, e.g. using sprintf() or similar.

von Jean-pierre K. (jean)

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Thank you for the respons

My first question is solved with your anwser.

I thought dat "dtostrf made from the variable "komma" a string "texte"

Can you write some code how i can print this on my grafik display with 


 lcd_print2_P(40,10,"texte", &Times_New_Roman__8,0);

this wil print texte on the display and not 70


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