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von Sucharitha P. (Company: nge s&c) (sucharitha)

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Hi to all,

           Can any suggest me how to generate PWM using PCA in 
MPC52G516A microcontroller. I execute below program but i unable to get 
the output at port pin P1.3. I am attaching the MPC52G516A datasheet.

#include <reg_mpc82g516.h>
#include <stdio.h>

void main()
  CMOD = 0x00; // Setup PCA timer
  while (1)
  CL = 0x00;
  CH = 0x00;

  CCAP1L = 0x40; // Set the initial value same as CCAP0H
  CCAP1H = 0x40; // 75% Duty Cycle

  CCAPM1 = 0x42; // Setup PCA module 0 in PWM mode.

  CR = 1; // Start PCA Timer.


Thanks in advance

von Shaik P. (shaik)

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just check my forum named "Set PWM o/p pin in AT89C51CC01".
I had write solution of ur problem.
Hope this help u

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