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von Jack (Guest)

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I am a complete novice in this field of uc programming and am still 
learning the ropes of it. I am working with an EVK1100 board and 
programming with AVR32 Studio Ver. 2.5
I have to generate a PWM signal with a frequency of 66 Mhz. I have 
already tried using the built in Example program in AVR32 studio i.e. 
EVK1100-Drivers-PWM example.
It is working fine and I am able to manipulate the recieved signal by 
changing the value of Channel prescaler and the channel period in the 
main c program. But the minimum value of the prescaler that I can apply 
is 2 else it is giving me an error. Also the values of the period and 
duty cycle are 2 & 1 respectively (Have attached a screenshot of the 
same). I am observing the output at LED 7. The max freq I get with this 
is 28kHz. Is it possible to get a PWM output of 66Mhz with this 
configuration? Is an external clock signal required for the same? What 
can I further modify in the program?
Please help...

von John (Guest)

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The PWM clock is based off of the system clock MCK, it seems, so that's 
the maximum.

The prescaler (2 in your case) can be set to 1 according to the 
datasheet. It think that would be AVR32_PWM_CPRE_MCK instead of 
AVR32_PWM_CPRE_MCK_DIV_2 (haven't tried though).

von Jack (Guest)

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Dear John,
Yes I did try that infact and I could get the signal frequency upto 
56kHz but not further. I need a signal until 66Mhz and I do not know how 
I can multiply this signal so as to get the desired result!


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