Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools programming the AT91SAM3U-EK using GDB

von Ryan L. (Company: GVSU) (lusher00)

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I have an AT91SAM3U-EK and the SAM-ICE JTAG programmer. I am using 
YAGARTO along with the sample project I have attached. This is the 
tutorial I am following


I am slightly confused about the programming procedure and how it works.

This is the GDB script that is included with the example project
# This config file was tested with J-Link GDB Server v4.10i

# connect to the J-Link gdb server
target remote localhost:2331

# Set gdb server to little endian
monitor endian little

# Set JTAG speed to 5 kHz
monitor speed 5

# Reset the target
monitor reset
monitor sleep 100

# Set JTAG speed in khz
monitor speed auto

# Vector table placed in RAM
monitor writeu32 0xE000ED08 = 0x20000000


monitor reg r13 = (0x20000000)
monitor reg pc = (0x20000004)

break ResetException
break main

Rather than asking "what does this do" I would like to know where I need 
to look to figure it out my self. I had to install the J-Link server 
software along with all of the YAGARTO tools so I am not sure what 
exactly is going on when I follow the directions, or what tools are 
being used to do the programming, so I am not sure what documentation I 
need to dig into. If anyone can tell me exactly what is going on here, 
or point me to some good resources I would really appreciate it. I want 
to be able to write my own GDB scripts and extend these techniques as 
much as possible.


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