Forum: µC & Digital Electronics UDP connection with PIC32 Ethernet starter kit

von Vladi (Guest)

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I am a beginner at microcontroller programing. I have a PIC32 Ethernet 
starter kit and I want to programme it the way that it sends a UDP 
package to a computer in a net each time I push a switch on the board. I 
tried to get used to TCPIP Stack examples, but have not yet managed to 
programme something working. Does anybody have a simple example for the 
C-code for such a Ethernet starter kit? Thank you in advance.

von Istvan Cserny (Guest)

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"Does anybody have a simple example for the
C-code for such a Ethernet starter kit?"

It is NOT a simple example, but the latest TCP-IP stack from Microchip 
contains an excellent demo for the PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit. There is 
a configuration utility program (TCPIPConfig.exe). This helps to 
configure the demo (to leave out those part of the demo unnecessary for 

von Martin Ruppert (Guest)

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there is an UDP example in the Microchip Ethernet Demo. You can find it 
in "Announce.c" in the stack sources.
It is used in conjuction with the "Microchip Ethernet Discoverer" tool, 
which also can be found in the stack (inlcuding C# sources).
The whole thing asks broadcasting for boards within a subnet and 
delivers IP and the MAC address.

All stuff can be found in the Microchip Application Library

Best Regards


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