Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools yagarto with ARM9

von Test U. (csosza77)

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Im using the yagarto tools with command line on windows. I successfully 
compile projects on ARM7. Now I want to use it on ARM9.

In the makfile there is a line for ARM7 (probably)
MCU = arm7tdmi

What should this line is for ARM9? Is this documented somewhere?


von Martin T. (mthomas) (Moderator)

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The MCU variable in the makefile is passed to compiler/linker by -mcpu= 
(search the makefile for $(MCU) ). For supported devices:
C:\>arm-none-eabi-gcc --target-help
The following options are target specific:
  Known ARM CPUs (for use with the -mcpu= and -mtune= options):
    cortex-m0, cortex-m1, cortex-m3, cortex-m4, cortex-r4f, cortex-r4,
    cortex-a9, cortex-a8, cortex-a5, arm1156t2-s, mpcore, mpcorenovfp,
    arm1176jzf-s, arm1176jz-s, arm1136jf-s, arm1136j-s, arm1026ej-s, arm926ej-s,
    marvell-f, iwmmxt2, iwmmxt, xscale, arm1022e, arm1020e, arm10e, arm968e-s,
    arm966e-s, arm946e-s, arm9e, arm1020t, arm10tdmi, ep9312, arm940t, arm922t,
    arm920t, arm920, arm9tdmi, arm9, arm740t, arm720t, arm710t, arm7tdmi-s,
    arm7tdmi, strongarm1110, strongarm1100, strongarm110, strongarm, arm810,
    arm8, arm7dmi, arm7dm, arm7m, arm7500fe, arm7500, arm7100, arm710c, arm720,
    arm710, arm700i, arm700, arm70, arm7di, arm7d, arm7, arm620, arm610, arm600,
    arm60, arm6, arm3, arm250, arm2

  Known ARM architectures (for use with the -march= option):
    marvell-f, iwmmxt2, iwmmxt, ep9312, armv7e-m, armv7-m, armv7-r, armv7-a,
    armv7, armv6-m, armv6t2, armv6zk, armv6z, armv6k, armv6j, armv6, armv5te,
    armv5e, armv5t, armv5, armv4t, armv4, armv3m, armv3, armv2a, armv2

For further information read the GNU gcc and GNU binutils manuals.


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