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von Marco (Guest)

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While configuring my STM32F107's USART, there is a random byte outputted 
on the tx-pin. A modem that is connected to the serial port gets 
confused by this random byte and refuses to work.

Here's the initialization code:
      AFIO->MAPR   &= ~(AFIO_MAPR_USART2_REMAP);  /* clear USART2 remap */
      RCC->APB2ENR |= RCC_APB2ENR_AFIOEN;         /* enable clock for Alternate Function */
      AFIO->MAPR   |= AFIO_MAPR_USART2_REMAP;     /* set   USART2 remap */
      RCC->APB2ENR |=  RCC_APB2ENR_IOPDEN;        /* enable clock for GPIOD */
      GPIOD->CRL   &= ~(0xFFUL  << 20);           /* Clear PD5, PD6 */
      GPIOD->CRL   |=  (0x0BUL  << 20);           /* USART2 Tx (PD5)  alternate output push-pull */
      GPIOD->CRL   |=  (0x04UL  << 24);           /* USART2 Rx (PD6)  input floating */

The random byte appears with the configuration for pin PD5 as alternate 
output push-pull.

Any hints or ideas on how to not get this rubbish-byte on 



von (prx) A. K. (prx)

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If the USART is configured after the pins have been defined as alternate 
function, the intial state of Tx could be undefined.

von Marco (Guest)

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So you mean the order of the initialization is wrong? Configuring the 
GPIO pins first and then the alternate function?


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