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von Bill B. (auldreekie)

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My project is reaching the point where my user community may grow, and I 
am contemplating adding a user forum to my website.  This forum always 
struck me as one of the most elegant for technical interaction.

Is this forum engine something that is (a) available to the general 
public and (b) easy to implement for someone who must spend most of his 
time doing embedded development rather than web engine maintenance?

Even if the answers are "no" and "no" that doesn't take away from what a 
great piece of work this is.


p.s.  For the insanely curious my project is an underwater acoustic 
recorder, see http://www.acousonde.com

von Michael M. (Guest)

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hi bill,

there has been a quite similar topic at the german version of this 
here comes the translation of the admin's answer:
there has been an open source version of this forum engine once - called 
RForum - but the effort of maintaining both the internal and the open 
version grew too much.
Maybe there will be another attempt on publishing this engine, but 
before that there needs to be an solution made up on how to seperate 
site-specific features from the core. Wouldn't make much sense 

best regards,

von Bill B. (auldreekie)

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Thanks Michael!

For anyone else who is curious and can at least read some German, the 
thread in question is here:

Beitrag "Quellcode Forum"

Ich lese Deutsch ganz besser als ich es schreiben kann, trotzdem hat es 
mir sehr erfreut, ihr Hinweis zu sehen.  I kenne die Wörter nicht, damit 
ich suchen kann!

Vielen Dank nochmals,

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