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von jrmymllr j. (jrmymllr)

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This may be a little off-topic, but I'm not sure where to start.  I'm 
working on an ethernet-enabled embedded project that allows 
configuration via a few pushbuttons and a graphic LCD.  The 
configuration includes username, password, IP addresses, paths, things 
like that.  It's a little tedious to change these parameters on the 
device itself, but config changes are not required very often.

Then I started thinking, wouldn't it be nice to point a web browser to 
it, get all the config parameters on one page where I could modify what 
I wanted, then press a button on the webpage that commits the changes? 
I'm proficient enough at TCP/IP and C programming, but know nothing 
about HTML, and don't care too much to learn all there is to know about 
HTML at this point.  My guess is what I want to do is fairly easy.  When 
I press this button, I want it to send all the text strings on the 
webpage back to the embedded system, where they could be parsed and 
taken care of.  Does anyone know of an example I could use to get 

von chris (Guest)

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von kbuchegg@gmx.at (Guest)

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CGI Programming is of no use to him

He needs to have a small web server with the embedded application. Such 
as thing as this one.

Adopting the software to your needs shouldn't be that big of a problem. 
After all a web server, simply spoken, is nothing more then an 
application which sends a text string through the network connection and 
receives strings through it. Rendering of text or user interface 
elements is done by the client. You just have to send the correct text.


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