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von Andrea 69 (Guest)

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It is possible to give the XPort (Lantronix) a name. I do this with the 
Lantronix DeviceInstaller. I would like to read/get this name with a 
bascom code. Does anybody now if its possible at all, and if possible, 

Some more information, although i think this is not necessary to know:
I use an ATMega1280 and the XPort is connected to one of my UARTs. I 
configure XPort only via the Lantronix DeviceInstaller.


von Reinhard Kern (Guest)

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if you use the virtual com port, the name is e.g. COM3.

If you communicate with the XPort directly, it has a TCP/IP address. To 
give it a friendly name you must have a DNS-Server within your net. Ask 
your network administrator.

Regards Reinhard

von Andrea 69 (Guest)

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Apparently, I did not make myself clear. I don't have a problme with the 
communication, everything works fine.
With the Lantronix DeviceInstaller I can set a property 'name' for the 
XPort, I dont't need this name for communication, I want to use it for 
something else. What I want is to read/Get this property 'name' in my 
bascom code, if its possible at all. If it's not possible. no problem, 
this is only one way to solve my task. But maybe someone knows how to 
get it.
Thanks Andrea

von Bernd N (Guest)

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It's still unclear what you want to do, so if you want to give your 
device a name then watch out for C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc hosts 
file and simply give it a name.

In this case you don't need a DNS environment.

von Andrea 69 (Guest)

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Please have a look at the Lantronix DeviceInstaller tif. You can see 
there is a property 'name'.
For example:
When I use a Xbee module, there is a property called 'nodeidentifier' 
which is the same like the 'name' property, in XPort.
This 'nodeidentifier' I can access in my Bascom code by setting the xbee 
in Command mode and then sending the AT Command 'atni', which returns 
the 'nodeidentifier'. I want to know what i have to do to get the 'name' 
of the XPort, if possible at all.
I hope I could clarify. Sorry for the inconvenience ;-)


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