Forum: µC & Digital Electronics LPC2478: Using TFT Controller and I2S simultaneously

von Simon K. (simon)

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Hi Guys,
Im wondering if it's possible to use the tft/lcd controller and i2s 
controller at the same time.

The datasheet states
> Either the I2S function or the LCD function is selectable, see Table 13,
> Table 14, and Table 15.

(Tables are on page 66 in the LPC2478 manual)
But the I2S Pins (P[0]-P[9]) are only used, when the lcd controller is 
configured for 24Bit TFT. Otherwise these pins seem to be free to use?

In the LPC24XX Manual (page 180) you can't choose between LCD controller 
or I2S in the PINSEL register (PINSEL0). Both controller are mapped to 
the secondary function.

But what does that mean? Is it possible to use 16Bit TFTs and I2S at the 
same time? It should be possible from hardware side (pins are not 
double-used by both modules).

Thanks in advance.

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