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von John S. (samit_basak)

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Hey guys I need a VHDL coding help for the following question-

The game scoring system must include functions to
 Display the score for each team (0-99)
 Provide separate push buttons for each team with an indication of 
which team pressed first
 Provide an audible output indicating when a team button is pressed
 Provide a mechanism for the host/quiz master to add and deduct team 

This will done by CoolRunnerII CPLD starter Kit.
Thank you

von na sowas (Guest)

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I'm missing the question... :-/

No one here will do your complete homework.
My suggestion is to start with the work and post a particular question 
when one arises.

von Andreas B. (Company: www.collion.de) (bergy)

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@Na sowas

I would like to write exactly the same, these are no questions, but 

so my help at the moment:

Buy some good VHDL book, and start with some simple examples:

my suggestion:

Start to write a simple Up- / Downcounter (0-9)
Then have a look to BCD-Counter ( having 10 instead 0xA )...
Conversion from BCD to 7segment must be made ???
Have a look to the problematic of contact bounce of your switches.

All of the upper functions may be found in VHDL documentation or some 
websites sourrounding this forum...

If you run this first steps, you might get the idear for yourself how to 
combine this with you game requirements ...

best regards


von (unknown) (Guest)

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i want full details of xiling software and how to impliment the program 
in vhdl for different consept.example 16x1 mux using 2 8x1 mux

von gourab c. (gourab)

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i am a newbie in vhdl. i am having difficulty in writting vhdl testbech 
in xilinx. can any1 suggest any good book which teaches testbench for 
vhdl fron basic level.  can any1 share the link of the ebook

von Duke Scarring (Guest)

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Take a look at these pages:

And next time start a new thread for a new theme.



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