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von Tom (Guest)

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Hi Guys,
I have just bought a single board computer that has an atmel AT91SAM9260 
ARM9 core onboard. Linux is also installed on this core. I am trying to 
get started, but am having real problems with the cross compiling. I am 
currently running windows and am using cygwin as my shell. I have 
downloaded this file from the GNUarm website 
"bu-2.17_gcc-4.1.1-c-c++_nl-1.14.0_gi-6.5" and installed this. I can 
compile a simple hello world .c file and transfer over to the SBC, but 
then I get the error "illegal instruction" when I try to run it. Below 
is my process carried out...

Installed cygwin and GNUarm file above
wrote hello world file in text editor and saved as .c
using command arm-elf-gcc test.c it converted the .c file into an a.out 
transferred binary file to SBC via USB
typed command ./a.out and got error "illegal instruction"

If anyone could help with this I'd be very grateful, I have spent hours 
trying to figure this out and have gone nowhere

von Barack Obama (Guest)

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yes we can

von Sebastian (Guest)

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Are you sure that you are actually compiling a Linux executable, not a 
"bare metal" application? A system with Linux installed on it needs 
differently compiled applications compared to a system without any OS.

von Tom (Guest)

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Hi Guys, thanks for the quick responses. You can find the SBC here just 
to try and remove some of the confusion with regards to sebastian's 


However I have literally just got this working, the file i found was 


I am still very unsure how these toolchains work though, could someone 
explain the concept to me as I really don't understand why the toolchain 
i had before didn't work, but the one i currently have does work. Just 
to clarify my system...

Windows XP OS
Cygwin bash shell
toolchain above
SBC with ARM9 core, embedded linux installed.

von Sebastian (Guest)

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I guess you are using the "Cygwin x86 toolchain". I wonder why there are 
two different Linux toolchains - one seems to be meant for a different 
chip type. Not sure if the Cygwin version supports both.

Your board manufacturer, Glomatic, mentions a toolchain ("Linux cross 
development tool chain") in the product specification. Are you 
absolutely sure that you got the right one?
The TomTom toolchain may be customized for a different system. Just a 

von Tom (Guest)

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hi, thanks for the reply, it is indeed the cygwin x86 toolchain

you can find the arm cross development tool chain that glomation refer 
to here "http://www.glomationinc.com/support.html";

However there are 3 toolchains...

Generic-arm_gcc-4.2.3-glibc-2.3.3.tar.bz2 - generic linux PC e.g. 
debian, suse etc to compile to SBC
arm-elf-gcc-3.2.1-full.tar.bz2 - compiling direct to arm processor with 
no linux?
arm-linux-gcc-3.3.tar.bz2 - seems to be for a linux PC compiling to SBC

i tried arm-elf and arm-linux, arm-elf compiled but didnt execute and i 
couldnt even compile arm-linux

please let me know your thoughts

von Tom (Guest)

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the toolchains with linux in the filename dont work, because when 
extracted they create binary files, which aren't understood. the elf 
toolchain and the one from tomtom create .exe files when extracted and 
so run under windows, does this help? I presume that the binary files 
don't work, because they are linux versions of windows exe's and so 
cannot run on windows?


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