Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools ANDROID porting on ARM926EJS (LG ARENA)

von Raoul Z. (kingrz)

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We are trying to port Android on LG Arena. This mobile phone has an 
ARM926EJS processor and we have stack with the bootloader. We need all 
the help that you can give. If you want to help  (PLEASE) come to our 
forum http://androidarena.pytalhost.net/


von Raoul Z. (kingrz)

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A command to listen to the communication b/w the arena and the system 
over usb has been found!...
We are getting to something!

von Darkos M. (Company: estovia) (abigail)

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Now and then people contact us to help them port service over from their 
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run as well.

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