Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools Yagarto fresh install: make Error 1

von artelse (Guest)

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Did a new install of Yagarto and tools. I can compile from the terminal 
just fine, but when I try to compile in Eclipse it outputs this error:

**** Build of configuration Default for project test ****

make all
arm-elf-gcc -x assembler-with-cpp -c -mcpu=arm7tdmi -g -gdwarf-2 
-Wa,-amhls=src/startup.lst   src/startup.s -o src/startup.o
make: arm-elf-gcc: No such file or directory
make: *** [src/startup.o] Error 1

I suspect a path problem, but when I point my terminal to the same 
working directory where the project is, it compiles fine.. Is this error 
pointing to a project file it can't find or the actual toolchain 

FWIW, I am using Mac OS 10.6

Any hints?


von Martin T. (mthomas) (Moderator)

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I don't have MAC OS running and currently no Eclipse to test with - so 
just a rough hint: at least on MS Win Eclipse offers an option to set 
the environment variables before calling make. Browse a little bit in 
the project-specific and global settings you should find the dialog-tab 
where the environment-variables (incl. path) get configured. If you can 
not find it please ask again and I can at least lock this up in an 
Eclipse running on MS Win.

von Tilo (Guest)

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Sounds like a path problem to me. Have you tried to add the path, e.g. 
in ~/.profile?

von artelse (Guest)

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Indeed it was a path problem, I assumed Eclipse would pick up the 
~/.bash_profile settings, but it needed to be told separately. I did set 
a path build variable for this which didn't work.

In project properties->C/C++ Environment a path variable can be added 
which does the trick.

Thanks for the response.

von Tilo (Guest)

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The bash file is only used by bash. Settings in ~/.profile should be 
system wide.

Cheers, Tilo


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