Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools Creating blank new C-Project with Yagarto chain for ARM7

von Matthias (Guest)

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since I worked with the Yagarto Toolchain and LPC2378 in business, I 
wanted to build my own development board including this Controller.
Now finally I finished the board design and got it here. I can contact 
the controller via JTAG and FlashMagic, which is very good.
Now I of course want to start programming, but my big hurdle is to 
create a complete blank project. I downloaded the Yagarto Toolchain and 
went through the Tutorial, everything worked fine.
But where to get a normal linker script and the startup code? And of 
course a make file? This seems to be very difficult, all I found up to 
now does not work properly.
Also, is there any tutorial how to set up Eclipse a bit? I remember when 
I last worked with Eclipse/Yagarto, that I never had to add new code 
files to the make file. Unfortunately, this was a bit in the past and I 
just took over the project from another collegue, so I never cared about 

Does anyone maybe got some answers for me?

Thanks alot

von Gerd H. (Company: GFaI) (heinzelmann)

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Hallo Matthias,

I had the same problem like you. I tested tool after tool (open source 
and commercial) to find something to start work with cortexM3 
(STM32F10x) immediately. No chance. The reasons: no install package, no 
documentation, missing scripts for my device, no debug, no linker, no 
thumb2-compiler, specific debug-tools, expensiv, only 30 days test (to 
short) and, and, and.

Then I found lots of simple example projects of different users here:

I installed Ride7 and within one day my own test board was blinking.
Next day I tested debug on the primer2 - OK.
Ride supports most ARM7 and cortexM3 from NXP and ST.
The hints: Specific JTAG-Rlink (Berlios?) and 32 k code limited or 
900,-€ (acceptable, I think). Interesting: The Primer2 includes the 
Rlink on a second chip, debug-Communication occurs over SWD.

But hover: Since one week I try to find a way, how to set up the 
ST-periph-lib for my board. Not simple.


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