Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools cygwin replaces YAGARTO under Eclipse

von Greg S. (Guest)

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I have a development station (WinXP Pro SP3) that is setup to use the 
YAGARTO tool chain under Eclipse (following the directions on the 
www.yagarto.de website).

I recently installed cygwin on the same machine, but now I am unable 
create new projects that use the YAGARTO tool chain. One of the projects 
I created before installing cygwin, still works and compiles using 
YAGARTO (the selected toolchain is, "No ToolChain"). But all of the 
projects I have created since can not access YAGARTO. There is no 
YAGARTO option listed under 'New->C Project-> Toolchains' or under 
'Project->Properties->C/C++ Build->Tool> Chain Editor' (Cygwin, Linux, 
MacOS, WinGW, and Solaris GCC all show-up however). Before I installed 
cygwin, 'No ToolChain' showed up in both the 'New->C Project-> 
Toolchains' and 'Project->Properties->C/C++ Build->Tool Chain Editor' 
drop downs (fyi in the old project, if I uncheck "Display compatible 
toolchains only" then all of the above mentioned tool chains show-up 
including "No ToolChain").

I checked my Windows PATH and cygwin is not even listed. It was listed 
first in the PATH variable inside Eclipse. I reversed the order putting 
yagarto first, but the behavior remains the same.

I would like to keep cygwin installed on this computer, but need YAGARTO 
working again right away so that I can continue building and debugging 
an AT91SAM9263 project. Does anyone know how I can select the YAGARTO 
toolchain when I create new projects.


von Oliver B. (irq)

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You can specify the paths to gcc, gdb... manually.

E.g. go to Run -> Run Configurations. Create a new one for C/C++ and 
select "gdb" in the tab "Debugger". There you can specify the executable 
for gdb. I didn't find it for gcc but I'm quite sure there is, maybe in 
build configurations (have no project at hand, so everythink is greyed 
out for me).


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