Forum: µC & Digital Electronics Send SMS via GSM-Modem that is automatically saved by recipient

von Bill B. (Guest)

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I'm currently using the following commands to send am SMS (from µC + GSM 

AT+CSCA="+436640501",145 (für A1)
AT+CMGS="xxx" //xxx stands for my phone number

This code works, but when I get the SMS on my phone I am asked if I want 
to save this message. Usually when I get a SMS it is stored 
automatically, so I think I might have missed or set a configuration 
wrong in the code.

THX in advance

von Zulu (Guest)

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>I might have missed or set a configuration wrong in the code

This is possibly true. Would you please read the docs and tell us?
If you could, by oppurtunity, take notice of the type and make of the 
GSM modem, and tell us, we could restrict our answers from considering 
"all" modems to the one you use. Its just a proposal. My keyboard is 
near end of lifetime. ;-)

von Bill B. (Guest)

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I'm using a SIM300D, but I think that's irrelevant because the 
AT-commands are standardized.

In the AT-command guide and the data- and  applicationsheets I found 
nothing that helped me understand that behaviour.

I used the the example SMS text application from the manual.

von Mauricio (Guest)

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Use AT+CSMP=17,167,0,241 instead of AT+CSMP=17,167,0,240 and that´s all, 
with 240 value you´re sending a notification and not a SMS Message.

Hope this helps.


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