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von Sobak Ava (Guest)

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LPC2148 + WinARM

I've a very large array of unsigned shorts in my application. It has 
21900 elements which has the pixels of a photo that I want to show in 
LCD. (S65 - LS020)

To calculate the values of each pixel in 5-6-5 RGB format I made a PC 
application. It loads an image and converts it to C source file. It's 
simple but it works.

I want to use my unsigned short array in WinARM. My array looks like 

unsigned short image[ 21913]={
0xFFB7, 0xFFB6, 0xFFB6, 0xF796, 0xF796, 0xF796, 0xF796, 0xF796, 0xF796, 
0xF796, 0xF775, 0xF775, 0xF775, 0xF775, 0xF775, 0xF775, 0xF775, 0xF775, 
0xF775, ....


but after adding this into source code I can't compile it anymore.

"region RAM is full"....

apperently compiler tries to allocate RAM for this array. Recently I 
used many other non-ARM7 CPUs and compilers and it is possible to place 
an array in program memory ( FLASH ROM) instead of RAM.

How can I let it run from Flash?


von Martin T. (mthomas) (Moderator)

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Try with const unsigned short image... const should let the compiler 
mark the array as read only and place it in the ro-data input section. 
The usual linker-scripts let the linker place ro-data input-sections in 
a output-section located in flash-memory.

von Sobak Ava (Guest)

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yes, I tried const unsigned char  just after I post the topic. It worked 
fine. Now I can display any image I want after I convert it with my 


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