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von Kalou L. (Company: MT) (arm-kw1)

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I am getting this above error, when I compile with Cygnus.
In fact, I compile many C files Simultaneously using XML file and a 
'native properties' file.
The 'native properties' file contains:

rootBuild = ${GxOSrootDir}/${productBuild}
ToolsDir = ${toolsProductDir}/generation/s3s91j
CompilerPath = C:/Cygnus/arm-tools
CygwinPath = ${CompilerPath}/../cygwin/bin
ObjOutputDir = bin/obj
binDir = bin

FrameGenerator = 
GetTheFilterDate = ${FrameGenerator}
GenerateAtf = ${GetTheFilterDate}
Doxygen = ${toolsProductDir}/doxygen.exe
Compiler16bits = ${CompilerPath}/bin/arm-uclibc-gcc.exe
Compiler32bits = ${CompilerPath}/bin/arm-uclibc-gcc.exe
Assembly = ${CompilerPath}/bin/arm-uclibc-as.exe
Linker = ${CompilerPath}/bin/arm-uclibc-ld.exe
binaryGen = ${CompilerPath}/bin/arm-uclibc-readelf.exe
ObjDump = ${CompilerPath}/bin/arm-uclibc-objdump.exe
ObjDumpFlag = --disassemble --all-headers --source
ObjSize = ${CompilerPath}/bin/arm-uclibc-size.exe

// CompilerOption =

CompilerOption = -mbig-endian -c -mcpu=arm7tdmi -E -g -Wall

Thumb_code_16 =
ARM_code_32 =
CompilerIncludeOption = -I
CompilerOutOption = -o

// AssemblyOption =

AssemblyOption = -mbig-endian -c -mcpu=armv7tdmi -E -g -Wall

AssemblyDefineOption =
AssemblyOutOption = -o

Perhaps, I have errors in this file for example in Compilation option .

I am using this toolchain for compiling,assembling,linking and 

I waite for your help please.
thanks in advance

von Martin T. (mthomas) (Moderator)

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IRC -c is not a valid option for the assembler. I expect you are calling 
the assembler (...-as) directly with options for the frontend (...-gcc) 
but it's difficult to guess without further information. I suggest that 
you let the frontend call the assembler indirectly (positive 
"side-effect": the C-preprocessor can be used in assembler source-code) 
or re-read the GNU-as manual for the supported options.


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