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Schematic entry and PCB design software:

Tutorials and articles:

To be continued. If you want to suggest any additions, please reply below.

Author: Nickdean1 (Guest)
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Can I add DipTrace (http://www.diptrace.com/) to your list. I have been 
using it and it is excellent. It has a schematic and PCB IDE and also 
includes a component editor. The library of components and footprints 
are huge and easily searchable. A freeware version with a 250 pin limit 
is also available on a non profit licence. The PCB layout allows you to 
save all the gerber and drill and artwork files needed for PCB 
manufacture and the freeware version allows you to create a pcb with up 
to 2 layers.

Author: ... (Guest)
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http://www.pcb-pool.com offers a free full version of Target3001, but 
you have to order your boards from them.

Author: vaclavpe (Guest)
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There are another tools:
- DesignSpark PCB - http://www.designspark.com/pcb - they write that 
"most powerful free PCB Design tool available, and gives all design 
engineers access to powerful, professional-standard software at no 
cost". But then one can find "non-crippled and modified version of 
Easy-PC; a low end CAD tool from Number One Systems"
- gEDA Tools - http://www.gpleda.org/index.html - I am using this 
regularly. Nothing convinced me to leave gEDA Tools and start to use 
something else. There are some things which can be better. But IMHO it 
is everywhere.

Author: Robert P. (Company: SysPCB) (robertpeng)
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You can check if your Gerber files are created correctly by using the 
software called GC-prevue. This is a free Gerber viewer that can be 
downloaded from the following 


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