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von Sevc D. (sevc)

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HI all.
I'm here again.
Still I have problem to debug my LPC2142.
I create own JTAG and use H-Jtag Server.

If try starter software from IAR and use my JTAG and H-JTAG then I
candebug some example.
But I use WinARM , and all me project is create for this.
I want debug with NoICE and there is problem.
If compile my project and load with NoICE then NoICE burn program and
Jump to main. if trace then halt on any asm instrukcion and show error "
unknown op-code ", and some lines are not asm code but  ??? .
What happend????
is wrong my electronic or wath????
but compilers ?????


von Sevc D. (sevc)

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Sevc Dominik wrote:
some example:
if main initialization is :

int main (void)
  PINSEL0 = 0x00008005;          /* */
  PINSEL1 = 0x01040000;          /* */
  // setup the parallel port pin
  IOCLR0 = 0x60400020;  // clear the ZEROs output
  IODIR0 = 0x60400020;  // set the output bit direction
  init_serial1(9600);  /* baud rate setting */
  rprintf_devopen( putc_serial1 ); /* init rprintf */
  rprintf("CNC 2\n");
  ADCInit();    /* Initialize ADC0  */
  Axes_Set();    /* Set Axes , set output pin */
//  Init_Timer(0);    /* Init Timer */
//  Init_Timer(1);    /* Init Timer */
//  Enable_Timer( 1 );  /* Enable timer */
//    PWM_Init();      /* PWM inicialize*/
//    PWM_Set( 1,150);  /* Set PWM4 output to time,set LER */
//    PWM_Start(0);    /* Start PWM = 0*/

//    PWM_Start(1);    /* Start PWM4 output */
  while (1)
  if (AxesS==0)
  if (Axes_par.Int)
    Axes_par.Int = FALSE;
//    MoveAx(&Axes_par);
  if ( CMD )  ExeCMD();

if try to debuging then halt on Axes_Set(); function and show can't read
write memory and re-enable debug state (orsometih like this).
if Disable Axes_Set(); then all work (comunicate with serial port).

if disable Axes_Set(); but enable some other function like:
then halt and show error unknown op-code , and on line is no asm code
but ???

what is wrong?????



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