Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools PLEASE! *any* working examples for Hitex comStick??

von Dan M. (gorlash)

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Other than the examples that actually come with the comStick itself??

This has been driving my nuts:
1. The Hitex examples only work with the version of toolchain that it
comes with
2. Their examples don't use gcc to call ld/as, they call these tools
   pathing to an unexpected path for the libraries.
3. If I try to change their code to call through gcc, I cannot make it
   the correct library path, no matter how many different places I
specify the
4. If I try any other GnuArm toolchain, I can never get the project to
   I either get floating-point inconsistencies, interwork
   or other system functions not found (CodeSourcery).

I DESPERATELY need to find a simple project that builds with any of the
standard tools (Yagarto would be a good choice), and can just simply
toggle the status LED on the comStick board!!!  (port 9 pin 0  or port 4
pin 1, where I also have an LED, which only Hitex is able to toggle!!).

Can anyone give any pointers for this??

von Simon E. (fordp)

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I think you are asking the wrong question.

What Processor is on the ComStick ??? A quick web search seems to show
it is a STR912.

I would search for examples for STR912 in the first instance. This
should get you going.

I have no experience with that processor range so I cannot help myself.

Good Luck.

von Simon E. (fordp)

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von Dan M. (gorlash)

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Hi, Simon!
Actually, I *wasn't* asking the wrong question... the problem that I'm
experiencing is that most projects for generic STR912 designs, when
compiled and downloaded on the comStick, do not work!!  (I say most,
but that's still a very small number - and at this point, most means
100%).  Since (until a couple of days ago) the only STR912 target I had
was the comStick, I was hoping to find any other code sample which would
work on that board, yet would compile with current tools (Hitex uses gcc
4.0.3), as well as using the techniques that every other person
recommends (calling AS and LD through GCC, rather than directly as Hitex
does).  This was why I made the specific request that I did...


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