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von Tibo T. (tibo)

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I am on an Atmel SAM7S64 for more than a month and nothing is working
I can at least debug with a JLink-JTAG SAM-ICE from Atmel and IAR
Embedded Workbench (Kickstart version) that you can find here:

The thing is that in my startup.s smthing strange appears.
I effectively start at the address 0x00000 as almost every µC I think,
BUT instead of branching to my label indicated at the address 0x0, it
branches to address 0x54 and get lost. And what is strange, whatever the
label I ask to branch to at the address 0x0 it always branch to the
address 0x54 even after many configuration changes and rebuild.
I also try to rebranch to my label _vector at address 0x0 but it goes to
I of course try to change my configuration of memory mapping but nothing
appears to change anything.

My startup.s could be the reason of the problem but it is the startup.s
from an Atmel project (getting_started or interrupt).

I joined my project to this message, so if you have time and if you find
something wrong in my configuration please tell me, I'm just desperated.

Thanks a lot

von Martin T. (mthomas) (Moderator)

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Since you are working with IAR the IAR-support should be asked. Anyway:
in your attached startup-code the handler-addresses are commented out.
I.e.: ; DC32 __iar_program_start. Are you sure that this i still code
"from an Atmel project"? IRC IAR EWARM comes with some examples for
AT91SAM7S including startup-code.


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