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von Wang F. (yuereye)

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GuangZhou DeviceGate Technology Co.,Ltd.
Web address:http://www.devicegate.com
Contact Person::wangfeng
Tel: +86-20-82317785,+86-20-82317786 -602
Fax: +86-20-82317786-603
E-mail: feng@devicegate.com
MSN: yuereye @Hotmail.com


The EP9315 is a highly integrated system-on-chip processor that paves
the way for next-generation consumer and industrial electronic products.
The EP9315 features an advanced 200 MHz ARM920T processor design with a
memory management unit (MMU) that supports Linux Windows CE and many
other embedded operating systems. The ARM920T's 32-bit microcontroller
architecture, with a five-stage pipeline, delivers impressive
performance at very low power. Designers of digital media servers,
jukeboxes, telematic control systems, thin clients, set-top boxes,
point-of-sale terminals, industrial controls, biometric security systems
and GPS devices will benefit from the EP9315's integrated architecture
and advanced features. In fact, with its broad range of peripheral
interfaces, the EP9315 is suited to even more applications. By enabling
or disabling the EP9315's peripheral interfaces, designers can also
reduce development costs and accelerate time to market by creating a
single platform that can be modified to deliver differentiated end
products. Cirrus Logic's embedded processor products are complemented by
a range of complete operating systems. Both Microsoft Windows CE.NET and
Linux solutions are available with total driver support.


200 MHz ARM920T processor
16 KB data cache and 16 KB instruction cache
MMU enabling Linux?and Windows CE?
100 MHz system bus
MaverickCrunch?math engine
Floating point, integer and signal-processing instructions
Hardware interlocks allow in-line coding
MaverickKeyIDs for digital rights management or design IP security
(special order feature)
32-bit unique ID and 128-bit random ID
Integrated peripheral interfaces
PCMCIA interface
Graphics accelerator
EIDE, up to two devices
1/10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC
Three-port USB 2.0 full-speed host (OHCI)
Three UARTs (16550 type)
IrDA interface, slow and fast mode
LCD interface with dedicated SDRAM channel
Touchscreen interface
SPI port
AC '97 interface
IIS interface, up to six channels
8x8 keypad scanner
External memory options
32-bit SDRAM interface, up to four banks
32/16/8-bit SRAM/Flash/ROM I/F
Serial EEPROM interface
Internal peripherals
Real-time clock with software trim
12 DMA channels for data transfer that maximizes system performance
Boot ROM
Dual PLLs control all clock domains
Watchdog timer
Two general-purpose 32-bit timers
40-bit debug timer
General-purpose I/Os (GPIOs)
16 enhanced GPIOs including interrupt capability
49 additional optional GPIOs on peripherals
Package: 352-pin PBGA; option for lead-free assembly and industrial
DG9315-1.2 Single Board Computer

Hardware Info.

    >> 200 MHz Digital Cirrus EP9315 ARM9 RISC processor
    >> 64MB SDRAM
    >> 32MB NorFlash
    >> 256MB NandFlash
External memory Interfaces
    >> IDE (44-pin)
    >> CF Card
Other Interfaces
    >> RTC+Battery
    >> 8x8 KeyPad
    >> Two USB 2.0 Full-Speed Host Ports(12Mbps)
    >> One TFT-LCD Connector(DF9-41S-1V,Hirose) Support 640×480、800×600
Expanslon Connector(64-Pin)
    >> One JTAG
    >> One CAN-bus
    >> DC +12V Power
    >> Two RS485 Ports
    >> One 9-wire RS232C
    >> Two 3-wire RS232C
    >> One Four-Wire Touchscreen
    >> One 10/100Mbps Ethernet port(RJ45)
Mechanical dimensions
   >> Size:145x102mm

Operating Environments
-  Windows CE
-  Linux
-  Others (contact factory for all options)

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von Martin T. (mthomas) (Moderator)

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Wang Feng wrote:
> Web address:http://www.devicegate.com

The device looks interesting but most of us can not read chinese.
Babelfish only helps a little bit. Please add the following information:

- minimum order value
- delivery time
- delivery costs
- terms of payment
- price of base-board
- prices of add-ons
- language used by support.


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