Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools LPC2142 or AT91SAM7S64 ?

von Sevc D. (sevc)

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Hi all.

I thiks so you can help me to select microcontroler to start work with
I compare two mcu Philips (LPC2142) and Atmel (AT91SAM7S64).
Atmel and Philips have same flash and ram memory.But Philips can use
48pin, atmel 32pin.... .
Please write me your opinion for this mcu, or litle comparsion .
Yes I'm read data sheet more then 2x.I want know your opinion's.
I want start develp with 32bit mcu.


Dominik Sevc - Dzairo

ps: Sorry for english.

von Mh T. (lpc2103)

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if this is for hobby only...
- Pick any of the chips, both are easy to start, at least LED blinking
- Plenty of examples from everywhere (WinARM, Keil, IAR, Yahoo-LPC,

if this is for commercial projects...
- It would be a tough question...
- Do you need to have USB bus powered?? make sure chips are <500uA
  under sleep mode.  Both chips claim to achieve that but still a "?"
- Get field support engr to ensure you that chip is USB compliant
- LPC chips run at single clock Flash cycles up to 60Mhz, for Atmel only
  up to 30MHz.  This is about double in CPU power on the
  philips chip (unless you run atmel chip on internal SRAM)
- SRAM is 64KB for at91sam7s256 and flash eprom size is 512KB on
   LPC2148.  Which type do you prefer??   and both are LQFP64 but
   LPC parts has 46 I/Os
- Umm... for better and unbiased answers, why not you throw the same
   question to both Yahoo LPC2000 group and www.at91.com.....   :)

von Martin Thomas (Guest)

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In addition: There are great differences in the intergrated peripherals
("cells" i.e. UART and SPI). Check the datasheets of both devices. I
have not done much with the AT91SAM7 but at least UART and SPI offer
much more functions and configuration-options than those in the current
LPC213x/4x (but are also a little more complicated to use).

von Sevc D. (sevc)

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Thanks for own opinion.
I want use USB (create small toys used HID class).
Use uart for comunication with GSM module (want rewrite my old project).
I want to create small audio recorder. Capture audio over ADC (max.
frek. sample  4khz), compress sample and save to internal flash. I want
record just 10 or 20 second. Play audio from internal flas - use DAC or
Which of mcu is easy to use to make small project, program, debug... .




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