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Dell U2713HM connected to Macbook Air 13” (late 2010 model) with 
mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable

Here is my recent experience, in case it is useful to others:

(1) Mavericks (10.9.5)

The monitor worked perfectly at 2560x1440 for 3 years; no problems with 
resolution or colour space. Then one day for no apparent reason it would 
not display in full (2560x1440) resolution, but only in 1080p 
(1920x1080) or lower.

Resetting the NVRAM (restart with Option+Command+P+R) had no effect.

Booting from a recent bootable backup (Carbon Copy Cloner) the monitor 
worked perfectly again. After a restart back to the normal startup disk 
(Macintosh HD) the monitor was back to low resolution again.

Using the EDID override files and instructions Andreas Schwarz 
originally posted (#3016475) worked nicely; the monitor had all 
resolutions (incl 2560x1440@60Hz) available.

(2) Sierra (10.12.3)

I upgraded from Mavericks directly to Sierra and the resolution problem 

The location of the Overrides directory is different and the override 
EDID was no longer there (new Sierra defaults, different from those in 

I was able to replace the EDID override files (still the originals 
posted by Andreas) and restore correct operation, but there are some 
differences in procedure from before.

(a) the directory path on Sierra is 

(b) a user with admin privileges is not permitted to make the change (as 
I did on Mavericks); it takes a more complex sequence.

I first tried enabling root user 
(https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204012) and logging in as root, but 
that was not enough. I got "Operation not permitted” errors.

I found the answer in: http://stackoverflow.com/a/32661637 — That SIP 
(System Integrity Protection) was preventing root from changing files in 
Overrides, even though they were owned by user root. Which is new from 
El Capitan (10.11) onwards.

 - https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204899

To make the change I had to first disable SIP, then install the EDID 

        mv DisplayVendorID-10ac DisplayVendorID-10ac-ORIG
        cp -rp <location_of_directory_with_EDID_override_files> 

I did that as user root (having already enabled root) but I don’t know 
if that was necessary; it might have been enough to disable SIP and make 
the change as my normal user with admin privileges (as opposed to user 
root). But doing it logged in as root with SIP disabled worked.

You can see if SIP is enabled or not with ‘csrutil status’ from a 
Terminal shell.

To disable or enable SIP restart with command+R pressed to boot to the 
Recovery OS, open a Terminal shell from the Utilities menu and enter 
‘csrutil disable’ or ‘csrutil enable’. Then exit the Terminal and do a 

Some people may already have root user enabled or SIP disabled, but if 
you changed either to install the EDID override files then for safety 
it's advisable to undo those changes after installing the EDID files, 
i.e. enable SIP and/or disable the root user to restore the same level 
of protection you had at the start.


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