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Section Headings

== Heading Level 1 ==
=== Heading Level 2 ===
==== Heading Level 3 ====


A full description of the supported formatting options can be found on Wikipedia:

italic ''italic''
bold '''bold'''
underlined <u>underlined</u>
raised text <sup>raised</sup> text
lowered text <sub>lowered</sub> text

Including source code



<c> int main(void) {

 return 0;

} </c>

Inserting images or files

Login required!

Creating images

  • You don't need to scale photographs, as long as the file is under 2 MB.
  • If you are working with a vector graphics editor (like Inkscape), try to save your file in the SVG format.
  • For drawings or schematics PNG is the best format.

Uploading images/files

  1. Add the code [[Image:Foobar.png]] to your page where you want your picture or link to your file to be displayed. You can choose any file name, as long as the extension matches the one of the file you want to upload.
  2. In the preview or the saved page, click on the placeholer link "Image:Foobar.png"
  3. Select a file, enter a description (optional), and submit it. It will be renamed to "Foobar.png" automatically.

Selecting an image size

The following code scales an image to 200 pixels width: [[Image:Foobar.png|200px]]


Left Heading Right Heading
1 2
3 4
5 6

{| border="1"
!Left Heading
!Right Heading

To make a table sortable, add the following code after border="1" :

class="sortable" id="foobar"