An 8-bit computer to promote the hex system

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The website presents an 8-bit computer with a character set, that includes a hexadecimal set of digits. The digits A..F are represented by modified versions of the letters A..F.

Further features of the computer are the self-developed CPU, the slot-concept, and the address-range with several 64K-pages.

The computer has been realized on these FPGA boards:

  • Spartan-3A/3AN Starter Kit from Xilinx
  • Spartan-3E Starter Board from Digilent
  • Nexys2 Board from Digilent
  • Altera DE1 Board
  • Altera DE0 Board
  • Altera DE0-nano Board
  • Waveshare OpenEP4CE10 Board

The project is waiting for hobbyists, who will realize the computer on one of the FPGA boards and will report about that.